The “Gnome Room” at Growlers Hawthorne, 3343 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 1-8 pm Monday-Wednesday, 9 pm Thursday and Friday, 11 am-9 pm Saturday, 11 am-8 pm Sunday.
These elusive gnomes have been brewing up enchanting organic beers for just over a year now. While Gnome king Shay Hosseinion is still making very limited batches, the once-mythical brews are starting to make their way out of fantasyland and into your glass. It still doesn’t have its own space, but it recently
commandeered the back room of Growlers on Hawthorne and turned it into “The Gnome Room”—a cozy place to imbibe the magic of the Gnome’s elixirs. The most recent gnome release was the revitalizing Temptress of Light, a crisp Belgian blonde brewed with quince, which was subtle but came through just enough to give the beer a unique personality. 

Drink this: Whatever you can find; you probably won't get a selection.