21420 NW Nicholas Court, Hillsboro, 503-645-6644, vertigobrew.com. 4-9 pm Monday-Saturday.

Despite its unassuming industrial-park exterior, the inside of Hillsboro's most-known craft brewery feels more like an actual suburban pub than a manufacturing space. It's got a wooden corner bar, a colorful chalkboard tap list, and a well-manicured smattering of folding tables and chairs that reminds you of your middle-school days. Patrons chat over board games and projected sporting events while sipping familiar pints from one of the least-changing tap lists in the area. Though we'd tried virtually every pour available here in previous years—from the watery raspberry wheat to less-than-hoppy Friar Mike's IPA—we were happy to see the Friar Gone Wild IIPA still around, as it remains a dry and delicious interpretation of a too-often saccharine style. 

Drink this: The Friar Gone Wild IIPA, a dry and bitter ale with notes of mango and passion fruit that paddle swiftly across your tongue.