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Portland's brewing community is generally friendly and accommodating. Then there are people like Theo and Sonia Marie Leikam who will invite you (a relative stranger) into their home on an icy December evening to sample beers from their backyard brewery while their three sons (aged 8, 5 and 3) watch The Jungle Book upstairs. This is partly because Leikam Brewery doesn't have an official taproom, but also because they are just that nice.

(Leikam, Hanada Photo)
(Leikam, Hanada Photo)

Their beers, like the brightly bitter Janis Hoplin IPA and the pleasantly boozy Grateful Red, can be found on tap at a few bars and restaurants around town like Mediterranean Exploration Company, Imperial Bottle Shop and Hawthorne Hophouse. But Leikam also operates Portland's first CSB (like a CSA but with beer instead of veggies), where members can get their growlers filled twice a month. To top it off it's also the only certified kosher brewery outside of New York. L'chaim!

Drink this: Crossroads Session IPA. Light, bitter, balanced.