Loowit Brewing Is the Best Beer Hang in Vancouver

The quality of the arcade games in Loowit’s spacious back room either reflects the quality of Loowit’s beer or shows you just how much time employees spend back there amid the tanks.

507 Columbia St., Vancouver, Wash., 360-566-2323, loowitbrewing.com. 4-9 pm Monday-Thursday, 4-10 pm Friday, 2-10 pm Saturday, noon-8 pm Sunday.

Gauntlet Legends. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Metal Slug. The quality of the arcade games in Loowit's spacious back room either reflects the quality of Loowit's beer or shows you just how much time employees spend back there amid the tanks. A fast-rising star whose World Beer Cup silver medal for Grimlock Rye Porter put its name on the map, Loowit is pretty much as good as Vancouver beer gets and also about as good as Vancouver bars get. Whether you're hanging out among the bags of malt or in its tasting room proper, Loowit's full of good choices, including very drinkable all-rounders house lager and red ale. But even the most obvious choice won't do you wrong: The SNIPA is an excellent house IPA, grainy and robust with a strong bitter finish, perfect with a glass full of Loowit's Worcestershire-rich house Chex mix.

Drink this: Loowit's good with the weird. The Saturnalia dry-hopped apricot IPA, aged in white-wine barrels, was nice and dry with subtle apricot notes and a round finish.


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