8428 SW 22nd Ave., 503-970-2234, moonshrimpbrewing.com, noon-7 pm Tuesday.

After being diagnosed with celiac disease a decade ago, Moonshrimp founder Dan McIntosh-Tolle had to find a way to make beer he could drink. He eventually worked out a recipe for gluten-free beer, and thanks to encouragement from friends and family, he opened Moonshrimp in April 2016, brewing beers made with millet—a type of grass seed—and beet sugar. For now, the brewery has a somewhat unusual business model: It's open just one day a week, and you can't taste beer there. What you can do is purchase 22-ounce bottles to go from a walk-up window. The beer is finding a decent following among celiacs. If you're barley tolerant, you'll probably find the beers fairly thin. McIntosh-Tolle hopes to someday open a brewpub where his beers will be featured alongside gluten-free cuisine, but for that to happen, the beers have a way to go—especially the IPA. There's time to get the beers dialed in, though.

Drink this: The single-batch saison is decent, though not really up to the standards in this market.