2705 SE Ankeny St., 503-894-8080, coalitionbrewing.com. 5-9 pm Friday, 2-9 pm Saturday, 2-6 pm Sunday. Now closed until spring.

Coalition DGAF. During the summer, its taproom is basically an open warehouse gate. In the off-season, it simply closes it up, sending anyone who wants a keg over to Coalition's own former tasting room, the unaffiliated Ankeny Tap & Table. Coalition recently decided to continue making a cannabinoid-infused beer called Two Flowers IPA, which is made with hemp flowers and CBD, despite the DEA classifying the non-intoxicating drug the same way it does heroin. You might order the beer with the same trepidation as one of Salt & Straw's bolder flavors, but it actually tastes a little like a chewy SweeTart wafer. Once the relaxation kicks in, the taste suddenly doesn't matter. 

Drink this: Try at least a taster of that CBD beer while you can.