12562 SW Main St., Tigard, 503-624-9400, fannocreekbrewpub.com. 11 am-10 pm Monday-Thursday, 11 am-11 pm Friday, 9 am-11 pm Saturday, 9 am-10 pm Sunday.

Does Tigard really need a town hall? No, really—how can Washington County Republicans abide the wastefulness of a monument to big government when Max's Fanno Creek could meet their needs? This cavernous brewpub space on the main drag in T-town feels like a Greek agora, but with the added feature of beer. On our visit, it was as much like a park as it was a business—people walked about chatting and issuing proclamations. Max's is a full-service bar specializing in appletinis and a "signature" drink made with Godiva white chocolate liqueur and Smirnoff vanilla vodka. They don't send much of their own beer outside these walls, but you've probably had something from these tanks given their active contract brewing program. And if I were going to start a label and contractor-brew, this is where I do it—beers like the lemon-kissed Pagan pale ale and a bright, light golden tend to be clean and well made, if also a little forgettable.

Drink this: Stay on the light side—the golden and its Belgian cousin, Reverend's Daughter, were both standouts, while the vanilla porter had a plasticky note.