There Be Monsters
1308 SE Morrison St.

The former Hal's Tavern has better beer now, and better food, and better liquor, and a sort of deco-pirate decor—but the shuffleboard table is forever.


The Standard
14 NE 22nd Ave.


Among the many games at the Standard, from pool to Pac-Man, the shuffleboard table seems exclusively reserved for couples on dates. Apparently Big Buck is too good for them.


4306 N Williams Ave.

Vendetta is better known for its spacious patio on which all smoking has been banned—boooo!—but it's also home to some of the few true longboard shuffleboard tables in town.


Punch Bowl Social
340 SW Morrison St.

The shuffleboard at this Pioneer Place amusement bar is lost amid skee-ball and mini-bowling and pinball…which means the table's almost always open.


Lightning Will
305 NW 21st Ave.

Nob Hill's Lightning Will is the only place, possibly anywhere, where you can eat a bowl of duck pho between shuffleboard shots.

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