Portland’s Best $6-and-Under Happy Hour Burgers (Plus One Fried Chicken Sandwich)

Wow wow wow.

Little Bird Double-Brie Burger
215 SW 6th Avenue
$5 before 6 pm and after 10 pm

This is the $5 happy-hour burger that makes other $5 burgers sad when they dream—two patties drenched in melted Brie on a fluffy bun. It is fat-kid paradise for adults.

Tryst Hoisin-Sichuan Burger
19 SW 2nd Avenue
$5 all day Wednesday and $7 from 4 to 7 pm daily

It's $7 at happy hour, but this splendid Asian-inflected, fatty, buttery, slawed-up grass-fed burger is somehow only $5 on Wednesday—and lately, the bar's been adding board burger specials to the menu.

Slow Bar Slowburger Jr.
533 SE Grand Avenue
$6 from 3 to 6 pm Monday-Friday and midnight to 2:30 am Sunday-Thursday
This is not the classic Slowburger, though it's on that same seasoned grill—but instead one with kale and kimchi for a refreshing sinus blast.

Pop Tavern No-Dice Burger
825 N Killingsworth Street
$5 from 4 to 7 pm

This already excellent $5 pub burger has a secret weapon: Alongside cheddar and blue cheese you get an option of white cheddar curds.

Foster Burger
5339 SE Foster Road
$5 during happy hour

On its namesake street, this burger is no-frills except for the special "Foster sauce"—just lettuce, onion, tomato and pickle. And it is good that way.

Skinny Man at Sandy Hut
1430 NE Sandy Blvd.
$5 from 2 to 7 pm and all day Sunday

There are a million islands in that thousand-island sauce, they'll tell you. And they're not far from wrong. This burger is as classic as bar burgers get.

Flat-top Burger at Imperial
410 SW Broadway
$6 afternoons before 6 pm, after 10 pm Sunday-Thursday, after 11 pm Saturday

Imperial, our 2015 Restaurant of the Year, has lost chef Doug Adams, but still offers a flat-top burger with sweet pickles and dill mayo that costs only $6 and ranks among the best in the city.

Bar Bar Burger
3939 N Mississippi Ave.
$6 always.

Yeah, there's no happy hour discount—but why should there be? It's $6, always and ever; a perfect little ugly wad of potato-roll deliciousness.

Fried Chicken Sammie at St. Jack
1610 NW 23rd Avenue
$6 before 6 pm and after 10 pm

What the hell? St. Jack happy hour—long cheap only for snacks—suddenly got hearty with a $6 kick-ass fried chicken sandwich with a pressed thigh so big the damn thing almost looks like a Hoosier pork tenderloin. But it's the house pickles that put it way over the top.

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