4847 SE Division St., 503-894-8132, landmarksaloon.com. Noon-2 am Monday-Saturday, noon-midnight Sunday. Happy hour noon-6 pm pm Monday-Friday: 50 cents off wells and drafts.

Established: January 2010

Landmark Saloon is a country bar the same way Ryan Adams is a bona fide country singer—if you're splitting hairs over authenticity rather than enjoying the end product, you're clearly missing the point. As such, this converted upper-Southeast Division Street Craftsman is the kind of place you'd find Adams getting tossed out of after starting shit with a guy in a pearl-snap Western shirt over which boutique compressor pedal is best for chicken pickin'. You'll have to cross 205 for an honest-to-gosh honky-tonk that tolerates shenanigans like that, and quite frankly, we're all better off here. Inside is where you'll find an assortment of mostly free Americana and old-school country shows, but fear not if earnest tunes about trucks and heartbreak aren't your thing. Grab one of the many cheap tallboys on offer and head outside, because Landmark boasts some of the most prime patio space in town and some of the only horseshoe pits.

(Sam Gehrke)
(Sam Gehrke)

Few places feel quite as right when the sun is shining and the condensation drips off that can of Shiner Bock and into a plate of barbecue from the Leroy's truck that's parked just outside. It's a lot like the best bars on the east side of Austin, but without all those pesky Texans, and therefore perfect.

Bar story: Landmark may be the only place on Southeast Division Street to have de-gentrified in the past seven years, going from an upscale tapas event space called Oscar Albert to a backyard honky-tonk with a food cart parked in front.

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