3006 SE Hawthorne Boulevard

(Claudia’s Facebook)
(Claudia’s Facebook)

Claudia's is perhaps a perfect pool room: Lots of tables, but no one playing, in a room overseen by Portland's greatest retired basketball coach, Troy Berry.


Uptown Billiards Club
120 NW 23rd Ave.

(Uptown Billiards Club Facebook)
(Uptown Billiards Club Facebook)

Uptown is upstairs and upscale—one of few pool halls that allow reservations for dinner. Expect to play billiards while debating the finer points of snooker etiquette with an old-guard Portlander who watches BBC sports.


Sam's Billiards
1845 NE 41st Ave.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

Sam's is billiard hall as theme park—complete with banisters made of pool cues. But the decor don't lie: It's got active tournament play and even regulation snooker.


Rialto Pool Room
529 SW 4th Ave.

(Rialto Facebook)
(Rialto Facebook)

As this guide prints, the historic, century-old Rialto is set to reopen downtown with a seriously serious array of pool tables, hustlers, gamblers, alcoholics and charm.


Mousetrap Tavern
2305 N Lombard St.

In billiards-starved North Portland, the Mousetrap is home to three tables, cheap-as-sin drinks, slow service and some serious sharks hounding the felt.

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