Portland’s Party Patios, Porches and Rooftops

The only bar list you'll need this summer.

(Henry Cromett)


Alberta Street Public House
1036 NE Alberta St.

(Alberta St. Pub Facebook)

The Alberta Street doesn't seem like it'd be home to a great patio—but somehow it's amazing, folding around the whole backside of the bar into a
half-covered secret garden.

Backyard Social
1914 N Killingsworth St.

(Henry Cromett)

My goodness, what a lovely patio. And is that bamboo? Some people have weddings here, but you? You can just have a backyard-grilled burger and a fine craft pint.

Billy Ray's Dive
2216 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
This dank, cash-only dive has an excellent back patio, an outside oasis on an otherwise bleak stretch of MLK.

Patton Maryland
5101 N Interstate Blvd.

(Patton Maryland Facebook)

If you can't have smoked meat and cocktail bacon on a patio near a whole world of mid-century neon, we'll know the world is wrong.

Great Notion Brewing
2204 NE Alberta St., No. 101

(Great Notion, Thomas Teal)

With a menu of Great Notion's fine summer-friendly IPAs, the taphouse patio extends into a surprisingly expansive day-sipping arbor.

McMenamins Edgefield
32126 SW Halsey St, Troutdale.

(Edgefield, Emily Joan Greene)

Edgefield is all patio—a world of patio and fallen trees and grass amid countless beer bars, a little beer resort you don't even have to pay for way out at the edge of Portland.

Occidental Wursthaus
6635 N Baltimore St.

(Hilary Sander)

Order a sausage and a Kölsch up in St. Johns rivertown, and gaze out on the loveliest bridge in America that looks like the Golden Gate but isn't.

4237 N Mississippi Ave.

Patio at Prost! (Prost!)

Next to the food-cart pod on North Mississippi Avenue, Prost is the closest thing the city has to a German biergarten.

The Rambler
4205 N Mississippi Ave.

(Emily Joan Greene/WW)

The Rambler is a much grown-up version of what was once the frattiest North Mississippi Avenue frat bar in town. Now, it is a pleasant patio with bocce. Bocce!

Rose and Thistle
2314 NE Broadway

(Rose & Thistle FB)

The bar may not look like much when you walk in, but walk through and discover Irvington's hidden semi-Scottish bower, with both shade and sun and plenty of places to hide.


1216 SE Division St.

(Henry Cromett)

Apex is the best and most crowded beer patio in all of Portland—made even better by the addition of delivery from the Ranch pizza pop-up.

930 SE Sandy Blvd.

(Thomas Teal)

Yes, this will be Portland's second rooftop summer—a time to get rosy in the sunshine while laughing at traffic.

Gold Dust Meridian
3267 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

(Gold Dust FB)

Hang a left in front of the entrance and go around back—you'll find an oddly peaceful patio on a touristy stretch of Hawthorne.

15 SE 28th Ave.

You know what's hard to find on those summer day-drinking days? A great patio open even in the morning. Holman's has your back.

Mad Sons
1109 SE Madison St.
Mad Sons is best known for its colonial interiors—but where better than the patio of a revolution-themed bar to spend your insurrectionist summer?

Noble Rot
1111 E Burnside St.

(Noble Rot Facebook)

The only admission to one of the finest rooftop, sunset-facing patio views in Portland is the price of a glass of wine and a little cheese.

Produce Row
204 SE Oak St.

(Bridget Baker)

This was Old Portland's original catch-all party patio in the Southeast.

600 E Burnside St.

(Henry Cromett)

This was modern Southeast Portland's original catch-all party patio.

Revolution Hall
1300 E Stark St.
At Portland's newest bar-inside-a-former-high-school, Martha's Bar has a sea of patio table downstairs—but starting in June the action's on the roof.

1615 SE 12th Ave.

(Teote Facebook)

Teote's patio is secretly a rooftop—a hidden garden bounded on all sides by building.

White Owl Social Club
1305 SE 8th Ave.

(Thomas Teal)

White Owl Social Club keeps the business in front and the parties out back.


10 Barrel
1411 NW Flanders St.

(10 Barrel, Henry Cromett)

10 Barrel's rooftop is one of the best views in the city, looking down onto bustling Pearl District streets full of the impossibly fit and healthy. Laugh at them while drinking.

21st Avenue Bar & Grill
721 NW 21st Ave.

21st Ave Bar & Grill Patio (21st Ave site)

Now under new ownership, the 21st Avenue Bar & Grill remains the westside's answer to the Rontoms patio—a quiet reprieve in an otherwise slammed bar district.

Ankeny Alley
Southwest 2nd Avenue and Ankeny Street

(Ankeny Alley, Henry Crommet)

Downtown is shy on decent patios—and so the bars of Ankeny banded together to form a shared space on a closed-off street. Stick to Tryst, and you'll stay sane.

Breakside Slabtown
1570 NW 22nd Ave.
The new Breakside has some food issues to work out—but they've got great beer, and as this guide prints they should soon have a brand-new third-story rooftop that is the envy of all Northwest Portland.

725 SW 10th Ave.


Momo is the early-evening, stiff-drinked smoking porch for seemingly all of downtown Portland, a place where you speed-walk through the bar to get straight to that half-hidden rear patio.

North 45
2314 NE Broadway St.
North 45 looks tiny from the front, and it is—until you find the back exit and discover a wonderfully generous bower that even includes a TV for watching Timbers games.

Paymaster Lounge
1020 NW 17th Ave.

The cigarette-rich, corrugated-plastic-topped back patio of Paymaster stretches on forever like a Louisiana swamp house, a beer pitcher for every table.

Pope House Bourbon Lounge 
2075 NW Glisan St.

(Popehouse Facebook)

The Pope House is that rare thing—a Northwest Portland stoop sit, with $5 cocktails and a respite from the local crowds.

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