Weed Delivery Will Begin in Portland Any Day Now

Neither Washington nor Colorado allow it, and neither has the late-night pizza to match.

(Chiara Lanzieri)

Marijuana delivery has always been as integral to the pot-smoking experience as burritos. Now, you no longer have to smoke out the weird dealer who made a house call.

Portland, weed delivery is now legal!

In December, the City Council quietly voted to add a new license category to include retail couriers. These marijuana courier businesses are delivery-only for both recreational and medical customers. They're not allowed to sell from a storefront and can only take orders from 8 am to 8 pm, and can't deliver after 9 pm.

In documents, the proposed code amendment says the license will "allow market entry for small business entrepreneurs."

This isn't an entrepreneur comparable to that frat dude who airbrushes T-shirts at the mall. The business requires a long process with overhead—$3,500 for the license and another $750 for the application, which can take months to get approved.

Oregon's stringent marijuana laws make us lose out on some of the cooler aspects of legal weed.

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In Washington, you can smoke at hotels that allow it. Colorado is currently developing the first-ever permits for areas where smoking in public is allowed. In both states, dispensaries can stay open until midnight, and their edibles have a higher potency limit.

But on delivery, Oregon is leading the charge. Neither Washington nor Colorado allow it, and neither has the late-night pizza to match.

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