Fourteen years after Sofia Coppola started selling white wine in pink cans, canned wine is finally the next big thing in America. The United States drank $28 million worth last year, nearly twice what it did in 2016.

Portland brands Underwood and Portland Sangria account for more than one-third of the canned wine sold in the country, and that's before former Stumptown VP Matt Lounsbury and local wine business guy Ron Penner-Ash started filing their Free Public wine into every schmancy grocery store in Portland.

And in taste tests across the country, our wine keeps winning. Food and Wine called Portland Sangria one of the best canned cocktails in the country. When California wine bar owners tasted canned grapes for Bloomberg, Underwood was rated the best canned rosé, sparkling wine and red in the nation.

"If I were at a concert at the Greek Theater," said '90s power-pop singer-turned-wine guy David Gibbs, who praised Underwood red wine's "Twizzler-esque" flavor, "I would buy a can of this and be very happy."