Really, you can crowdfund anything here…

…and the world’s greatest maker of hazy IPAs (Great Notion Brewing, $22,063)

…and the nation’s only film festival devoted to an angry gothic god (H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, $42,035)

…and a handmade papermaking studio in St. Johns (Pulp & Deckle, $13,032)

…and a T-shirt showing a map of Portland’s bridges (Nick Martinelli, $4,556)

…and the city’s best $4 tacos (Taqueria Nueve, $31,413)

…and an ayurvedic herb farm (Portland Ashwagandha Farm, $31,413)

…and an art studio for kids (Portland Child Art Studio, $15,325)

…and a Portland-themed tarot deck with strippers and bridges ($2,845)

…and a touring project to fight homophobia at the Warped tour (The Equalizers, $2,540)

…and a lending library for outdoor gear (The Portland Wilderness Gear Library, $3,515)

…and a replacement car for a cat rapper whose whip got stolen (Moshow, $17,705)

…and wiping out the school lunch debt of every kid in the Portland Public Schools (Sean Brendan Sexton, $28,235)

…and a historic theater on Northeast Alberta Street (Alberta Rose Theatre, $125,250)

…and soon, saving the city’s oldest folk venue (Laurelthirst Public House, $33,813 and counting).