"I've heard it said that the perfect speed to take in a city is on a bike, and I agree. That's why one of my favorite things about Portland is Sunday Parkways. My husband and I biked Sunday Parkways before we had children. Then we put our kids in bike seats and trailers to ride. And now they ride on their own. It's an event for people of all ages. I particularly love the Sunday Parkways in East Portland. It's a way to highlight the part of the city where I live and that a lot of people may not normally get to see. And the city does a great job of showcasing new investments. I remember when the city opened Harper's Playground in Arbor Lodge, a wonderful playground accessible to all children. The city's other Summer Free-for-All events, like outdoor movies in multiple languages like Russian and Spanish, the concerts that feature music as varied as Pacific Islander, African and all kinds of Latin American music, are a great way to get to know different parts of the city and different cultures within Portland."

—Jessica Vega Pederson, Multnomah County commissioner