Portland Is Home to the Most Liberal College in America. No, Not That One.

No, not Reed—this ain’t the time to glorify a rich-kid college.

Don't Shoot Portland and Black Lives Matter rally on the PSU campus October 2016. (Ellena Rosenthal)

Portland, in general, is pretty woke right now. But nowhere is it woker than college campuses.

Specifically, one college campus, which might just be the most liberal and progressive in the nation.

No, not Reed—this ain't the time to glorify a rich-kid college.

We're talking Portland State. A campus where 42 percent of the student body is minority and where regular, working-class people don't need a golden ticket, because a year of tuition and fees is only $8,304, thousands less than the state's other large colleges and less than the average Portland day care bill. And a campus where you can identify as one of nine genders, with another nine sexual orientations.

Activist Gregory McKelvey speaking to the press on the PSU campus in October of 2016. (Ellena Rosenthal)

PSU is where you'll find political opposites actually engaging each other: Russian kids in #MAGA hats argue with the most radical intersectionalist allies along the streetcar plaza. It's where the student body skipped class to protest Trump's inauguration.

When InfoWars wanted to prove that campus millennials would donate to Hamas, where did they find students willing to chip in five bucks? PSU. Go Vikings—you make Portland proud.

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